Young people’s employment rights

Know your employment rights this International Workers’ Day!

Today is International Workers’ Day, which celebrates the rights won by workers over the decades. We thought this would be a great opportunity to clue you in about the employment rights you’ll have when you enter the world of work – and some of the rights that already apply to you if you have a part-time job.

1. Do you have a part-time job?

Under 16? You Still Have Employment Rights

Maybe you just have a paper round, or do a spot of gardening or babysitting – but you still have rights!
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Aged 16-18? Know Your Rights At Work

If you’re sixth-form age, you’re known as a “young worker” and have your own set of rights.
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2. Apprentice or worker: Make sure you’re being paid fairly

What is the minimum wage?

By law, your employer has to pay you a certain amount of money according to your age.
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What is the apprenticeship wage?

Apprentices are entitled to minimum pay as well, and again, this rises with age.
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3. Discrimination: Know the signs

Equality in the workplace

The law says everybody is entitled to be treated equally at work, without discrimination.
Find out what this means for you…

Sexual harassment at work

You may have heard a lot about this in the news. Knowing what counts as harassment will help you stay safe.
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4. Trade unions are there to protect your rights

What is a union and why should I join?

Unions aren’t just about going on strike. They’re there to support you if you feel you’re being treated unfairly, and stick up for workers in talks with employers.
Learn how they work & how you can join…

1 May 2018
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