Young Norfolk Arts Festival

The fourth Young Norfolk Arts Festival is here! It’s running from 26 June to 10 July, celebrating the arts of all kinds, from fashion to film. Young people from all around Norfolk have been helping out with the festival by organizing, rehearsing and coming to support their friends and different events.

I joined the YNAF Communications and Events Team, where I was able to choose the area I wanted to help out with, so I took on the role of photographer and filmmaker. This allowed me to work with mentors from Wex and BBC Voices which I found very beneficial as I learnt new skills and got to meet new people.

All of the people in the Comms team are volunteering to help make the festival run smoothly, capture the events and run various social media accounts.

Do come along to some of the great events on offer this year!

Danielle Forder
Hellesdon Sixth Form

For more information about what’s going on, see the Festival website, and this video we put together:

3 July 2016
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