World Book Day, 1 March

On World Book Day, the plan is for all students and staff to ‘drop everything and read’ for the first
ten minutes of each lesson.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students should all have their own reading books with them, and there are also some good book extracts available at the World Book Day website.

There will also be a lot of ‘Today I’m Reading…’ posters going up on doors all over the school, so you can see what members of staff might recommend. And look out for book-themed treats on sale in the canteen, for example if you have always fancied eating Harry Potter’s face in biscuit form.

If the weather intervenes, however, and we can’t come to school on Thursday (*sob*), we’ll all just have to make sure we hunker down with a good book for some of the time, or take a look at the extracts mentioned above.

Happy reading!

2 March 2018
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