Studying at HHS

The School Day

Our day is organized around five one-hour long lessons. Students are expected to arrive on site by 8.20am. Breakfast is served from 8am and lessons start at 8.30am. Our day is structured with four lessons in the morning, two each side of a 15-minute break, tutor/mentor time or assembly before or after lunch and one lesson in the afternoon.

The day ends at 2.50pm and many students stay on for after-school clubs, matches, team practice, music and to use the Learning Resource Centre which is open until 4pm on four days a week. School buses arrive by 8.15am and depart just before 3pm. Students attending after school activities may go home on the late bus which leaves at 4pm.


Teaching and Learning: the heart of our school

On entry to Hellesdon High School, Year 7 students are placed in classes within broad ability and prior attainment groupings. Class sizes rarely exceed 30. Students who need learning support are allocated to classes where targeted help is available.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to:

  • provide equal opportunities for all students regardless of gender, aptitude or cultural, ethnic or religious background
  • offer a broad and balanced entitlement to all students which provides a basis of core knowledge and understanding in key subject areas
  • prepare students for further study, the world of work and to become active citizens
  • develop positive personal and social values
  • provide a variety of activities which bring about effective learning, provide appropriate challenges for all students and lead to achievement for all students
  • provide continuity and progression from the point of transfer to the time of leaving school.

In Years 7 & 8 students study a common curriculum comprised of timetabled lessons in Art, Citizenship, Computing, Drama, Design & Technology, English, Geography, History, Maths, Music, PE, RS, Science and MFL (French/Spanish from September 2019).

Two GCSE Options are chosen at the end of Y8 for study over three years in Years 9-11. A further two GCSE options are then selected in Year 9 for study over two years in Years 10 & 11.

In Year 9 students study their two selected options plus a broad core of subjects including English, Maths, MFL, Science, Computing, PE, RE & PSHE, Technology and a Creative Art. Students also select a humanity (Geography/History) to study at GCSE, and have one open choice as part of the option blocks.

In Years 10 & 11 students study their four selected options plus a broad core of subjects including English, Maths, Science, PE, and PSHE.

In Year 12 students will be able to select from a range of subjects. The option choices are designed to allow students the maximum possible opportunity to progress towards either Higher Education or a career in a suitable profession. Selected students are offered the opportunity to study for the Extended Project Qualification.


Pastoral Care

Students in Years 7-11 belong to tutor groups, which meet in the middle of each day: from 12:50-13:10 or from 13:25-13:45.

Tutors monitor their groups’ progress, behaviour and achievements, and are often a student’s first point of call, should any problems arise. Once a fortnight, all the tutor groups in each year group comes together in the Hall for an assembly, overseen by the Head of Year.

In the Sixth Form, students have regular meetings with a designated Sixth Form Mentor.

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