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supportmrsmckinneyWelcome to the Hellesdon High School Support Department website! Our department exists to support the students of Hellesdon High in and out of the classroom and this site is here to better explain how we do this.

Everyone needs a little assistance from time to time and for our students that’s what we offer. This assistance can come in a number of forms: academic support gives a helping hand with class subjects, pastoral support often involves more personal matters and helping students who might otherwise find school too difficult. More practical assistance is sometimes required if a student just needs a little help participating or navigating school.

So have a look around and hopefully you’ll find it helpful in answering any questions you might have as to how the students of Hellesdon high receive this extra help. If your child receives or might need to receive some assistance whilst at HHS it might give you a better idea of what we offer and why we offer it.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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