Pastoral Care

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Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 belong to tutor groups, which meet in the middle of each day. Tutors monitor their groups’ progress, behaviour and achievements, and are often a student’s first point of call, should any problems arise. Once a fortnight, all the tutor groups in each year group comes together in the Hall for an assembly, overseen by the Head of Year.

For Years 10-11, we have developed a mentoring system over the last few years, which has had positive reviews from the student body. Rather than attend a daily tutor group, students now meet with a designated staff mentor, usually in groups of two, and according to a two-weekly timetable.

With this mentor, students discuss their progress, address learning skills, deal with any problems and plan the next steps that will help them fulfil and extend their potential. It is very important that students keep track of their meeting dates using the stickers in their planners, and ensure that they attend every session.

The mentoring approach carries on into the HHS Sixth Form.


New timings

In 2016-17, tutor group/mentor meetings and assemblies will take place at the following times:

12:50-13:10 – Year 8 and 9 tutor groups and Year 11 mentoring

13:30-13:50 – Year 7 tutor groups and Year 10 mentoring

Be punctual!

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