Oliver! cast interview

As we enter the final fortnight of rehearsal before our opening night of OLIVER! on 7 March, I caught up with two of Fagin’s gang, Priya and Daisy, to chat to them about rehearsals and their experiences as part of the cast.


So, what’s the best part of being one of Fagin’s gang?

D – You meet loads of new people that you wouldn’t normally be friends with.

P – Fagin’s gang are full of cheeky energy, so we get to do fun dance routines.


What’s your favourite scene or song/dance in the show?

D+ P – We both love Oom-pa-pa, because it’s really lively and everyone sings.

D – I like Fine Life, because there is a good set routine in pairs and it’s fun to do.


Do you think you’ll be nervous on the show nights?

P – No, because I’ve done shows before.

D – Yes, because I’ve never been in a big production like this, and I know all my friends and family will be watching.


What would say to someone wanting to audition for next year’s show?

D – go for it! Just give it a try!!


All the cast have been working so hard, putting in hundreds of hours of rehearsal time to perfect the routines, songs and scenes.

Tickets are now available from Student Reception, or via SCOPAY.

21 February 2018
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