Marché français

We held a French market for Year 5 pupils on 7 July. It was full of fun activities such as ice cream and crêpe stalls where all the children learned how to order in French. They learned the vocab for pets and wild animals, scored goals when learning sports, colours and tried French cheeses (camembert and brie) in the restaurant area. The 160 pupils from Firside, Kinsale, St Faiths and Horsford all seemed to have a good time!

Georgina Burton and Jamie Bartram

It was a very successful French Market this year, made possible by the dedication and enthusiasm of my 24 students from 10BFr1. They were a real credit to our school all day long and made this event really vibrant and fun for the 160 Year 5 pupils from our feeder schools.

Our young visitors were really well-behaved too, and clearly enjoyed it to the full whilst enjoying their pancakes, French cheeses or ice-creams! Everyone’s effort that day was well worth it!

Mrs Seetanah

16 November 2016
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