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At Hellesdon High School we believe in the pursuit of excellence. This is reflected in our aims, which underpin the ethos of our school.

For an outline of the school day, please click here. And for details of the curriculum at HHS, please visit the Curriculum page.


• Hellesdon High School will enable everyone to realize their potential and enjoy life to the full.

• Hellesdon High School celebrates our differences and gives the opportunity for everyone to become successful and do well in this changing world.

• Hellesdon High School is a caring community, where we show concern and respect for the safety and welfare of others.

• Hellesdon High School will help everyone to enjoy their time here by showing respect for others and celebrating diversity.

• Hellesdon High School will always try to provide a friendly learning atmosphere so that no-one feels left out.

• Nobody should feel that they don’t belong here; everyone who walks through the school gates is an equal.

• Hellesdon High School is a place where everyone can be someone.

• Hellesdon High School will help everyone to express and develop their individual interests, skills and gifts.

• Hellesdon High School will develop the lively and enquiring minds of everyone to appreciate and seek worthwhile human achievements.

• Hellesdon High School will help everyone in every way to achieve, with no target too small or too large for our help.

• Hellesdon High School will do everything possible to make sure everyone achieves by making sure everyone has equal chances in everything they do.

• Hellesdon High School will use education to transform the opportunities of its whole community and enable everyone to fulfil their potential.

• Hellesdon High School will allow everyone to succeed by offering an inspirational, innovative and creative curriculum.

• At Hellesdon High School everyone is helped to succeed by challenging them and supporting them throughout their time here.

• At Hellesdon High School students are prepared to be ready for the outside world.

• Hellesdon High School will develop enthusiastic and confident learners who aspire to do their best.


Please follow the links below to read our policies on…

Anti-BullyingAttendanceBehaviourAdmissionsSafeguarding ChildrenSpecial Educational Needs and Disabilities

All our school policies are available from the Governors’ policies page.


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Value for Money Statement (pdf), Autumn 2014.


HHS Ofsted Report, September 2017: “a Good School”

Ofsted information and reports on Hellesdon High School

DfE performance tables for Hellesdon High School

To share your own views about the School, you can visit the Ofsted Parent View website.


Hellesdon High School has enjoyed record GCSE results in recent years. In 2018, 44% of Year 11 students achieved the new ‘strong’ pass in English and Maths (grade 5 or higher).

12% of Year 11 students qualified (15% entered) for the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects with their GCSE results.

Our Year 11 students continue to make more progress than students do nationally.

Hellesdon High School Sixth Form continues to perform in the top 25% of all schools nationally. Our Year 13 students achieved outstanding results including 100% A*-E, 86% A*-C and 62% A*-B.

Please click for a more detailed look at the most recent Hellesdon Sixth Form results (pdf).


Key HHS Published Data 2018

Key Stage 4:
a) Progress 8 score: +0.22 (Above Average)
b) Attainment 8 score: 46.8
c) Percentage of students achieving grade 5 or above (strong pass) in English and Maths: 44%
d) Average EBacc Point Score per pupil: 3.89

Key Stage 5:
a) Value-added score for Academic: -0.6 (average)
b) Value-added score for Applied General: +0.10 (average)
c) Average grade at A-Level: C+


Hellesdon High School’s Improvement and Development Plan sets out the priorities for the year, based on previous inspections as well as detailed analysis and self-evaluation at Leadership, Department and Year Group levels.

The priority headings are listed in the SIDP Summary document (pdf). Each priority has a detailed action plan explaining how we are planning to improve and develop these areas.

A good school never stands still. From robust and honest self-evaluation at the end of the academic year 2017/18, we have identified key priorities below which underpin our three‐year strategic plan (pdf) through to 2020-21.

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