Introducing tootoot!

tootootstudentsAt HHS, we are using ‘tootoot’: an antibullying and safeguarding platform for schools, colleges and universities. tootoot allows students to safely report any worries and incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and homophobic issues directly to their school.

Students can download an app to their smartphone or log in via the tootoot website and send an anonymous message to a member of staff at school.

Your username is the first part of your nsix email address e.g. jsmith6nrt
The password is Hellesdon

Tootoot gives students a safe place to disclose their worries and concerns confidentially, and provides students with a platform to communicate anonymously 1-to-1, directly with a member of staff.

29 March 2017
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