H12 and the LSAs

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H12 and the LSAs

schoolmap“The Bridge” (H12) – is the base for our intervention work used to specifically benefit our students. We think this is important as we often have specific needs that a regular classroom cannot meet and the slight detachment from the main school building provides a quieter dedicated safe haven for our students when they need it.

Where possible there will always be someone from our department there, should we be sought out by teachers or students. Before and after school, and during break and lunch it is a safe, fully monitored and fun community environment for our students, a space for working, socialising or quiet reflection. During lessons it’s a fully equipped classroom specifically for the teaching of smaller groups and used for our support programmes.

You can find the bridge on the map to the right. Whilst our current students will already know where we are hopefully this will help any future year 7’s and new students find us should they be a little nervous when they first start.

As far as the people who make up the support department go, we have the SENDCO, HLTAs and LSAs.

Here’s a quick summary of who’s who: click on a picture to put a face to a name.


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