The Local Governing Body has a large number of legal responsibilities. Amongst these are to support The Wensum Trust’s vision, implement actions required to comply with statutory regulations and the Funding Agreement, oversight of the Academy’s activities and holding the Academy leadership to account for academic performance, quality of care and quality of provision.

The Heads of School are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Academy and ensuring that the policies and strategy agreed by The Wensum Trust are implemented.

In this section of the website you can find out who the Governors of our Academy are.

If you would like to contact the Governors, please do so by phoning or emailing the Academy: see this website’s contact page.


Our Governing Body

Upon joining the Wensum Trust, Hellesdon High School Academy’s Full Governing Body (FGB) was dissolved (on 14 March 2016) and – under the Trust Scheme of Delegation – the Local Governing Body (LGB) was appointed.



The changes to the Local Governing Body can be seen in the document The Local Governing Body at Hellesdon High School.

Individual Governors take the lead on the following areas of the school’s development:


Governors’ Attendance and Business Interests

To ensure that there are no conflicts of interest, we will maintain a register of Governors’ business interests, published on this website.

We will also maintain and publish a record of our Governors’ attendance at meetings.

LGB: organization

In collaboration with the Heads of School, the Local Governing Body of Hellesdon High School monitors performance of pupils, ensures action is taken to comply with statutory regulations and has oversight of the Academy’s activities (with the Principals and Senior Leadership Team responsible for the day-to-day running). Matters relating to the Wensum Trust MAT (Multi-Academy Trust) as a whole are dealt with at Trust level.

The appointed clerk to the LGB is Mrs J Steward. Clerks provide advice and interpretation on the regulatory and administrative framework in which Governors work, preparing and distributing minutes and agendas, keeping records and dealing with correspondence. Governors’ minutes are available for inspection by application to the School; please contact Sharon Revell on srevell5xr7@nsix.org.uk if you need paper copies of any documents.


Becoming a Governor at Hellesdon High


Mr N Tkaczuk
Mr N Tkaczuk

All types of people can become a Governor at Hellesdon High School. No special qualifications are required, but you must be 18 or over on the date when you are elected or appointed.

Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in Education are the most important qualities. You do not need to have a child at the School to become a Governor.

We particularly welcome new Governors who have transferable skills developed at work, or who have a particularly good understanding of the community served by the School.

Mr K Avenell, Chair of HHS Governors
Mr K Avenell, Chair of HHS Governors and Parish Counsellor for Hellesdon North West

Academy Policies

A number of policies are set at Trust Level: details of these will be published on the Wensum Trust website.

Others are delegated by The Wensum Trust to the Local Governing Body, and the latest versions of our HHS policies can be found here:

The HHS Policies Page

Guidelines for Authors

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is currently ongoing for all relevant policies.


Ms J Steward, Clerk to the Governors
Ms J Steward, Clerk to the Governors


Key Documents

Documents relating to the establishment of Hellesdon High School as an Academy:

MAT Articles of Association
AGM minutes, Nov 2013
Memo. of Association
Academy Articles of Association
Funding Agreement

Governors’ Reports and Financial Statements:

August 2018
August 2017
August 2016
August 2015
August 2014
August 2013

AGM minutes, Dec 2015
AGM minutes, Nov 2014


The Academy Trust

The Members of the Trust are:

  • Tom Bailey
  • Maria Piper
  • Chloe Smith MP

Our Trustees

Daniel Thrower – CEO of Wensum Trust
John Smith (Chair) – Governor of Firside Junior School
Mary Richards (Vice-Chair) – Local Authority employee
Patrick Gorman – Trustee
Edwin Pearson – Governor at Acle Academy
Jason Tipple – Trustee
Louise Alder – Trustee
Zaliha Williamson – Trustee
Jennie Reynolds – Chief Clerk

Wensum Trust committee structure

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