Framlingham and Orford Castles

A Level History Visit to Framlingham and Orford


The History A Level students have been investigating East Anglia’s links with key figures in Tudor History. They spent the day on 2 March visiting Framlingham Church and the tombs of Henry Fitzroy (the illegitimate son of Henry VIII) and the Duke of Norfolk (uncle to both Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard).


They were also able to see the Flodden helm (a helmet worn by the Duke of Norfolk) at the battle of Flodden. They went on to visit Framlingham Castle, where Mary Tudor had raised her standard to claim the throne. The students battled against the elements (including a brief snow shower) on their tour of the castle walls.


To appreciate how the inside of a castle would have looked, Orford castle was visited next. The students enjoyed exploring the castle keep via spiral staircases.


Many thanks to Mrs English, Mr Daniel and the A Level History students for making it such an enjoyable day. Mrs Kelleway

1 September 2015
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