Spanish – Year 8

Spanish Curriculum for Year 8

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Year 8 Spanish

Students will begin by revising key aspects of Year 7 Spanish, and move on to topics including places to live, sport and leisure activities, animals, food and drink, places and directions in town, going out, clothes and styles, the weather, routine, music and holidays.

In these contexts, they will meet and use the present, imperfect, perfect and near future tenses; give and justify opinions; make comparisons; use time phrases and describe frequency; learn numbers to 3 figures; use key modal verbs; manipulate adjectives; and build a core of reusable language.



The regular completion of homework is essential for students to practise and consolidate the work they do in class. Sometimes, this will be vocabulary-learning, where other family members can help with testing and practising.

Homework tasks, instructions and deadlines are issued on Show My Homework. Students should expect on average one task every fortnight at Key Stage 3, and every week at GCSE.


Progress in MFL

Students’ progress is tracked along a ‘flightpath’ as they work towards the new GCSE grades 1-9 at the end of Year 11. At periodic Progress Review points, students’ grades for assessed work in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be aggregated on the ‘flightpath’, showing what they can already do in the language, and what they will be working on to move to the next level.

Students’ grades might initially be lower than for other subjects which have been studied in much greater depth at primary school. However, students and their parents should see their grades go up roughly three sub-levels each year: for example, from ‘1’ in Year 8 (through ‘1+’ and ‘2-‘) to ‘2’ in Year 9.

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