Physical Education – GCSE

PE Curriculum for GCSE

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Students can either opt to study GCSE PE as a 3-year course starting in Year 9 or a 2-year course starting in Year 10.

The course is split into two parts: Theory (60%) and Practical (40%)

The theory content has strong scientific links with students sitting two exams in Year 11. Below is an outline of the topics studied across the two papers.

For the practical part of the course, students are assessed in 3 activities (one team, one individual and one additional team or individual activity).

Students are assessed based on core and advanced skills in each activity as well as their tactical awareness and decision-making skills.

In addition, students are required to complete an Analysis and Evaluation of Performance (AEP) in one chosen activity. This includes reporting on key skills and components of fitness required in the activity, their own or a peers’ strengths and weaknesses, movement analysis for a particular skill and an action plan to help improve one weakness identified.

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