History – Year 7

History Curriculum for Year 7

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In Year 7, we start to develop historical skills such as researching, comparing and analysing sources, and interpreting evidence. Consolidation, revision and peer-assessment are built into our scheme of work. At the same time, we bring history to life through imaginative activities and projects drama and roleplays. For instance the House Activity on ‘Who Should Rule England in 1066?’ involves students working together to produce a presentation on their contender for the throne.

The Year 7 scheme of work begins in the Autumn term with an Introduction to History, and then launches into Mighty Monarchs.

The first questions we address are ‘Who should rule England in 1066?’ and ‘How did William the Conqueror gain control?’

We go on to study the murder of Thomas Beckett, the Black Death, the Peasants’ Revolt, the Wars of the Roses and Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, James I and the Gunpowder Plot. We also study the English Civil War and Science and Superstition.

We use the following texts: • Medieval Realms, Invasion, • Plague and Murder, • Presenting the Past 1066-1500, and • Conflict, People and Power, The Making of the UK

Among the online resources available, we particularly recommend www.schoolhistory.co.uk.

Homework will be set every two weeks.

You will need standard equipment for lessons: pen, pencil, ruler and your planner.

History study tips:

  • Go over and learn key words from your lessons.
  • Read around the topics you are studying
  • Highlight and annotate research
  • Ask questions
  • Work to develop your source analysis and extended writing
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