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German Curriculum for GCSE

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People with language skills are highly thought of in the modern world. They stand out as talented and successful people, with broad and exciting horizons.

A GCSE in a language will add an extra dimension to your skills profile which will impress anyone who reads your CV. You will be in a stronger position to get a job in a company with international links, and improve your employability if you would like to work abroad.

GCSE languages also count towards the English Baccalaureate (E-Bacc), which recognizes students’ achievement in a set of ‘academic’ subjects. Some universities are using this measure, these days, among their entry criteria.

Having gained a good grounding in German during Years 7-8, students at Hellesdon can continue to study the language at GCSE.



GCSE students should expect regular homework, enabling them to consolidate their learning between lessons. Please remember to use the many internet resources available to help you, including:


The GCSE course

GCSE students follow the AQA specification, which you can read or download here.


The course is structured around three themes, each with its sub-topics:

Theme 1: Identity and culture
– Me, my family and friends
– Free time
– Technology in everyday life
– Customs and festivals in French-speaking countries

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest
– Home, town, neighbourhood, region
– Social issues
– Global issues
– Travel and tourism

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment
– My Studies and life at school
– Education post-16, jobs, careers, ambitions



Students are examined in four skills, each worth 25% of the final mark:

Listening, Reading and Writing exams are held in May of Y11.
Speaking exams – with your own teacher – are held in April/May of Y11.

Pre-Public (mock) exams will be held in June of Y10 and December/January of Y11.


Beyond the classroom

As well as taking part in events and activities organized through school, students are encouraged to spend time in personal study, including watching films/listening to music in German, using the many available online resources, and taking any opportunity that may arise to visit the relevant countr(ies).


Language Leaders

GCSE students gain experience of teaching younger pupils through projects – such as a German Christmas Market in Year 10 for our Cluster primary schools – and at the same time developing their own confidence and leadership skills.

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