Geography – Year 8


    Half term 1: Europe
    In this unit students will explore the political, physical and natural features of our continent. We will look at the ways that our national law and systems link with the European Union and consider the economic and social implications of our membership. We will also describe and explain how the UK compares with other landscapes and climates of the continent.

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    Half term 2: Rivers and flooding
    We will spend this half term looking at the way that water moves around the earth and the ways that this shapes our landscapes and lives. River processes and landforms can have a dramatic impact upon trade, leisure and our social lives. We will learn how rivers work, the impact of their flooding and the ways that they are managed.

    Web link for further learning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/geography/water_rivers/

    Half term 3: Development and globalisation
    Students will begin to discover the inequalities that divide our world. This unit will feature an examination of how the UK is connected to the rest of the world in terms of culture and commerce. We will focus upon the ways that multi-national companies permeate all parts of life in Britain. The UK will be compared to another country in the world in order to assess the ways that different parts of the world are affected by the increasing connectivity of globalisation.

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    Half term 4: Weather and climate
    Discover the difference between weather and climate. We will explore the different elements that impact our unique British weather. We will find out why it always rains here, why it’s so windy and why it’s not so bad. Students will learn to read weather maps, interpret forecasts and predict weather patterns.

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    Half term 5: Climate change
    Students will make links between the resources that we use and the climate of the planet. We will analyse the problems caused by human use of fossil fuels and explore a range of solutions at a personal, local and national level.

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    Half term 6: Population, pollution and pressure on resources
    Students will describe and analyse the growth of the human race and assess the implications this is having on our planet. We will learn about different type of pollution and study areas of the world which have been impacted. We will describe the ways that humans use different resources and the issues that these may present.

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