Geography – Year 7


    Half Term 1: Maps and making connections
    Students will learn about a range of map skills including scale, grid references, contours, map symbols, distance and directions. They will have the opportunity to use these skills whilst looking at OS maps of the local area and locations further afield.

    Web link for further learning: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/

    Half Term 2: Settlement
    Students will learn about a range of settlement types ranging from hamlets to megacities. They will examine the movement of people in the world from rural to urban areas and the challenges this will present. This will cover geographical spatial models such as the Burgess model which shows ways in which cities are likely to grow. We will examine and compare cities in different parts of the world.

    Web link for further learning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/z96vr82

    Half Term 3: Population, pollution and pressure on resources
    Students will describe and analyse the growth of the human race and assess the implications this is having on our planet. We will learn about different type of pollution and study areas of the world which have been impacted. We will describe the ways that humans use different resources and the issues that these may present.

    Web links for further learning:

    Half Term 4: The UK
    This is our opportunity to get to grips with the physical and human landscapes of the United Kingdom. Students will learn to appreciate our diverse culture, including democracy, law making and our demographic make-up. We will also explore what makes the United Kingdom such a naturally beautiful country by looking at our unique geological and metrological dimensions.

    Web link for further learning: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/ks3/gsl/education/resources/rockcycle.html

    Half Term 5: Coasts
    Students will discover the wonder of the ever changing Norfolk coastline and be able to explain the processes that have formed its features. We will look at the ways that erosion and deposition have created a number of different landforms and look at how these areas are being managed. We will focus upon some of the more vulnerable stretches of coast such as Happisburgh.

    Web links for further learning:

    Half Term 6: Ecosystems
    Students will identify a number of major biomes across the world and explore what makes them unique. We will focus on rainforests in order to explain how animals and plants have adapted to suit their climate and environments. We will also research the implications of human activity on these environments.

    Web links for further learning:

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