English – Year 7

English Curriculum for Year 7

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Years 7 to 9 follow a broadly similar curriculum. Texts and topics will change each year, and will be selected to reflect the ability of the pupils.


Unit 1 (Term 1): Reading and Writing Fiction


Pupils will read a novel and some related poetry. They will undertake creative writing tasks inspired by these texts, and complete analyses of the fiction they are studying.


Unit 2 (Term 2): Reading and Writing Non-Fiction


Pupils will read a range of non-fiction texts and analyse their language, layout and structure. They will learn to write persuasively and adapt their language and structure for different purposes, audiences and forms.


Unit 3 (Half-Term 5): Shakespeare and Drama


Pupils will study a play by Shakespeare, or extracts from a range of his plays. They will undertake drama and speaking activities.


Unit 4 (Half-Term 6): Catch-up, extension and testing


In the final few weeks of the year, teachers will select tasks and activities that best match the needs of the pupils at this stage in the year. Standard reading and spelling tests will also be administered in order to assess progress.

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