Design and Technology – Year 9

Design and Technology Curriculum for Year 9




    Marble Clip Project

    Project Description: This project is designed to teach pupils basic wood working skills – cutting joints, shaping, glueing and finishing.

    The design uses a marble in a sloping pocket to grip pieces of paper.

    Pupils are also taught how to use a vinyl cutter to add writing and decoration


    Balance Toy Project

    Brief: You are working at a small promotional design company. Design and make the prototype of a balance to to advertise a specific sport or country.

    Project Description: This project is designed to teach pupils making skills in wood, metal and plastics as well as introducing concepts of multiculturalism in the research.


    Mug and Holder Project

    Brief: You are working for a design company specialising in designing packaging and have been approached by a company who make mugs as souvenirs.

    Design and make the prototype of a mug and packaging to act as a memento for tourists visiting a particular country.

    Project Description: This projects acts as an introduction to Graphic Products and teaches a range of graphic skills.



    Multicultural Eating: 

    A series of assignments that are designed to increase pupils food preparation skills as well as learning about different world food cultues

    At the end pupils are entered for the Active Kids Get Cooking three star award.

    During this year the students will make:-

    Coleslaw (food processor)
    Pasta and Tomato Sauce
    Stir Fry
    Swiss Roll



    Teenage Project

    Brief: You are a young designer working for an innovative textiles company.
    Design and make the prototype of a product that is suitable for teenagers and is influenced by modern culture. The product could be a T-shirt, bag, shorts, sarong or banana.

    Description of Project: This project gives Y9 the freedom to design and make an article of their own choice, using the skills that they have learnt in previous years



    All specialist areas mark in the same way. Day to day marking is done on a four point scale:-

    Outstanding, Good, Acceptable, Requires Improvement

    These are given the appropriate level equivalences. Click here for chart.
    Sections of work are marked according to our interpretation of the national curriculum

    These are marked in National Curriculum Levels.
    Click here for level ladder.

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