A Level Business

Business Studies Curriculum for A Level


    A LEVEL BUSINESS (Edexcel)


    What is A Level Business?

    The Business course encourages the practical application of business concepts through the use of ‘real world’ examples and case studies. The syllabus has been devised to reflect the contemporary issues in the business world.


    Why study Business?

    The course is designed to encourage students to acquire a range of important and transferable skills that are valued by universities and employers. Students are expected to critically examine businesses from a range of viewpoints.


    What makes a successful Business student?

    Students of Business are expected to take an interest in the business world through news articles and other media outlets. It is vital that these are incorporated into the more theoretical aspects of the course. The examinations require thorough preparation and students must be required to undertake independent research and develop study skills beyond the classroom.


    To study this course, what qualifications will I need and in which subjects?

    Business students do NOT need to have studied GCSE Business Studies or any other previous business course. Students would need to be competent in English and be confident with basic mathematical principles.


    What is the structure of the course?




    Theme 1 – Marketing and people

    • Meeting customer needs
    • The market
    • Marketing mix and strategy
    • Managing people
    • Entrepreneurs and leaders

    Theme 3 – Business decisions and strategy

    • Business objectives and strategy
    • Business growth
    • Decision making techniques
    • Influences on business decisions
    • Assessing competitiveness
    • Managing change

    Theme 2 – Managing business

    • Raising finance
    • Financial planning
    • Managing finance
    • Resource management
    • External management

    Theme 4 – Global business

    • Globalisation
    •  Global markets and business expansion
    •  Global marketing
    •  Global industries and companies



    Assessment ‐THREE exam papers at the of year 13.

    What opportunities are there for me to study beyond the classroom?

    The Business course encourages students to consider issues beyond the classroom and most lessons will focus on issues ‘in the news’. It is important that students do not see Business as a theoretical concept and apply their work to examples in the news.


    What kind of career does this subject/qualification prepare me for?

    Business is one of the most prevalent courses available at university. It comes in many forms and can be combined with other subjects or can be refined to distinct specialisms such as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business and Logistics, to name a few.

    Want more information?

    Speak to Mr Barnes or Ms Desgland in C2 / C4.

    Alternatively visit http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/business-2015.html


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