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If you have a child attending, are going to have a child attending or are thinking about whether your child should attend Hellesdon High School and have any queries regarding the support department or special educational needs at HHS, here are a few ways to contact us.

You can contact the school’s front office and they will pass on any requests or messages.

telephone: 01603 424711

fax: 01603 487602

Or alternatively you can contact our SENDCO directly:


We have provided a short but helpful list of frequently asked questions below.

What is the role of the support department at Hellesdon High School?

The support department at Hellesdon High School is responsible for many SEND programs. Our primary responsibility is to make sure our students get the support they need in their regular classes. However, in addition to this we also run an array of distinct programmes to ensure our students get the most they possibly can from their school experience. More information is available from our SEND Information Report here.

Who does the department support?

The department principally supports students on the SEND list. For a better understanding of what a special educational need may be please click here, although please be aware that these are only a few examples of SEND needs and many more exist.

Who are the members of the Support Department at Hellesdon High School?

The Support Department at Hellesdon consists of our SENCo and the LSAs. You can get to know us all a little better by visiting the LSAs’ page here.

What kind of support does this department offer?

The department offers a range of support. Learn more about classroom support and these programmes and how they fit into a student’s school schedule here.

What constitutes an SEND need?

Some children have needs or disabilities which affect their ability to learn. These needs can be:

• Reading/writing

• Numeracy

• General understanding

• Concentration

• Physical needs or impairments

• Behavioural/emotional/social

If these difficulties mean that special educational provision needs to be in place, that child is said to have a Special Educational Need.

I am concerned that my child may have an SEND need. What should I do?

If you are worried that your child is struggling at school and may have a special educational need, the first step should be to contact Ms McLellan (SENDCo) at either or 01603 424711.


She will talk to you about these concerns and then ask all your child’s teachers for information about progress, behaviour, concerns etc. Once this has been collected, a meeting will be arranged with you to discuss the next steps. Don’t worry that you are being a nuisance or an over-protective parent. It is always better to discuss any concerns rather than leave a child to struggle.

My child is in Yr 5/6, has an EHCP and I need to start looking for a suitable High School. Hellesdon High School is one of the schools I am considering. What should I do?

Choosing the right High School for your child is a difficult decision to make. If you think that HHS might be your choice of High School, contact Ms McLellan, SENDCo, to arrange a time to visit the school, discuss your child’s needs and find out what the school is able to provide for your child.

It is probably better to visit the school without your child first. If you then feel that it might be the best choice, a visit with your child would be a good idea so that they can also decide if they feel the school would suit them. Once you have made your choice, the SENDCo will attend your child’s next Annual Review at which transition plans will be discussed.

What is Hellesdon High school's SEND policy?

Like all schools, Hellesdon High has a fully ratified and approved SEND policy that conforms to government guidelines and is fully available for to all to see. It exists to ensure we fulfil our obligation to provide a full and inclusive educational experience to all of our SEND students. It is available to view here.

A link on this department's site doesn't seem to be working and I'd like to have this information, can you help?

If you tried to follow a link on this department site but found it not working, or have any problems with technical faults whilst using this departmental site please send a quick email to and we’ll respond as soon as we can and try to get the problem fixed. Sorry if this difficulty caused you any inconvenience.

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