Climate Change at HHS

Friday 15 March marked Norfolk’s second day of action against climate change in recent months.

To raise awareness of this important issue, Hellesdon High School held special themed lessons across all year groups. The lessons gave students the opportunity to learn about the risks of climate change and to discuss their views.

The popular video of young activist, Greta Thunberg, speaking at a UN Conference sparked lively discussions in classrooms across the school and got all of us thinking about how we can make a difference both in and outside of school.

Mr Life said “It was great to be given the opportunity to discuss with students the most important issue facing the world in my lifetime and in theirs. I watched Greta Thunberg’s speech for the first time with my Year 9 students and was emotionally overwhelmed. This generated a whole lesson of discussion, not only about climate change but about inspirational figures (like Greta), consumerism, politics and personal goals and aspirations.”

Mrs Nickerson said that her Year 8 class responded very well to the lesson, with students saying they “wanted to use less electricity at home and realised that their parents were right when they told them to switch off lights or to ‘stop letting the heat out!’ Students have also written to the Prime Minister with their thoughts and so we are hoping to hear back from 10 Downing Street soon!”

A special thank you goes to the Geography Department, for organising the themed lesson. We would also like to thank our school prefects, led by Tyler Eastall (Year 11), who did a wonderful job of creating the short video (shown below) that helps to answer some common questions on climate change.



If any students felt inspired by the discussions held in lesson and would like to take more action then please approach a member of the School Council or visit Miss Lovick in F5.

5 June 2019

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