British Values in Social Science

Sociology, Citizenship and PSHE provide many opportunities for students to learn about and assimilate British Values.

Year 7: Students follow a scheme of work that highlights with examples the rights and the responsibilities of the individual in society. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of rules and laws.

Year 8: Students investigate the role of the police and the consequences of crime. They are taught about the importance of living in a community and of active Citizenship. Issues related to sexism, racism ageism and other diversities are also explored.

Year 9: Students learn about the rule of law and democracy and study the British political system in great depth. This also includes participation in voting and elections. Aspects related to human rights are also highlighted.

Year 10: We start with a module on making moral choices and the reasons for making these choices. The legal system is studied in more depth with examples of the different courts and punishments that are applied. Students are able to place themselves in the role of judge and magistrate and apply any mitigating or aggravating factors to punishments.

Year 11: Students learn about the role of the EU. Other topics which link to British values are investigating the cause of poverty; the world of work and its importance; workplace legislation.

Year 12: Students who are taking AS Citizenship will study Politics; the Law; British Citizenship. They are also encouraged to take part in active Citizenship tasks such as helping to organise the school mock election; fundraising for Comic Relief etc.

Year 12 and 13 Sociology: Much of the content of this course is based on British Society e.g. Culture and Identity, Beliefs in Society etc.

26 November 2015
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