Year 9 Boys Put On Their Dancing Shoes


Hellesdon High were extremely fortunate to be able to offer a group of Year 9 boys the opportunity to participate in a series of dance workshops that were held at the Norwich Theatre Royal. The workshops were run by the professional dance company ‘Boy Blue’ over the course of two days, as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

The workshops, which were led by highly qualified instructors, involved intense activity as well as power and strength training. The boys soon discovered just how much strength and ability is required of professional dancers, as they worked hard to learn various grooves and footwork. There was some healthy competition and a few team-building activities which focused on building self-esteem and boosting confidence ahead of a performance.

Mr Gardiner, who attended alongside the students said “the boys have gained so much confidence and rapport with each other. I think this experience will help break some of the negative stereotypes formed of boys dancing and will encourage them to get involved in something like this in the future. I have been inspired myself to try and take my dancing skills further, even if it’s just to show off some gnarly shapes at prom!”

Photographs by Max Hilton (Theatre Royal Norwich)


On day 2 the boys had the opportunity to train in a private dance studio and were granted behind-the-scenes access to meet the Boy Blue dance crew and to actually dance on the main stage of the Theatre Royal. The group received VIP treatment as they did a tour of the rehearsals before tucking into an evening meal, courtesy of the Theatre Royal.

“It was great to see the boys so engrossed in the workshops from start to finish. I really hope that their confidence has developed across the two days and that any stigma that may have been applied to boys in dance has been well and truly dispelled!” said Mr Stevenson.

Hellesdon High would like to thank the Theatre Royal and the Umbrella Trust for offering our students this extraordinary experience.

20 May 2019

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